Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Farmhouse Mild (Lemon Guava): Tasting Notes

This beer started as a portion of the third batch of Farmhouse Mild that I brewed back in December.  The beer had a bit of a pedio issue, kicking up a lot of diacetyl.  Since it was going to take the Brett a bit to take care of that, I figured I might as well experiment with some fruit that I'd been wanting to try.

Over the summer, I had frozen 5 pounds of chopped lemon guavas, which I find to be highly enjoyable.  They're about the size of a lime, and are a pale yellow, with a "burst" at one end:

The flavor is fantastic.  A combination of lemon and guava, with a bit of pineapple thrown in.  Very tropical, and lightly tart.  The inside has small and hard (yet edible) white seeds.

I let transferred the Farmhouse Mild over to a keg on top of the 5 pounds of chopped, previously frozen fruit, filled the headspace with CO2, and let them sit for about two months.  I got the beer on tap in early March, but am just now finally getting around to posting tasting notes.

Appearance: Hazy bright yellow. Shiny with a fluffy white head. Short retention time with little lacing.

Aroma: Nose is bright guava with hints of pineapple and nice backing lemon. Fruit skin hits there as well. Bit of backing wheat, though the overall grain presence is fairly minuscule.

Flavor: Lemon, guava, light acidity, and a bit of fruit skin. Very faint tannin. Lemon guava in liquid form with a bit of extra pineapple and extra acidity. Mild Brett C induced funk in the background. Can just barely taste the wheat.

Mouthfeel: Very light and crisp. Strong carbonation. Extremely easy drinking. Tartness is more than noticeable, but not quite sour. Berliner level in that regard. Low alcohol making it excessively quaffable.

Overall: One of the best beers that I've done to date. At this point, really can't think of how I would change this up too much. Would perhaps up the sodium and chloride levels up just a touch in the water profile, and maybe use a little more wheat, or change up some of the existing flaked wheat unmalted wheat. Maybe 5% or so of oats, enough to give just a bit more body without taking away from the drinkability.


  1. what was your base recipe for this. love that color.

  2. Base recipe is here:

    I need to find a color that makes links more noticeable in the text! For the time being, I should probably just make sure to underline and italicize links. Will at least update this post now.


  3. awsome. lets swap some beers. i got a some saisons that you may like from noticing your style.