Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Farmhouse Mild: Recipe (Version 3)

This is now my third time overall brewing Farmhouse Mild, and the second time in the past few months. The first keg on the last batch kicked way too quickly, and the other half was blended with my blonde sour (Citrine) and bottled. For this round, I kept almost everything the same, changing up the hops a little bit and also added a bit more acidulated malt.

The recipe for the full batch is as follows:

Batch Number: 73
Brew Date: December 1, 2013
Bottle/Keg Date:
Batch Size: 10 Gallon
OG: 1.043 (measured)
Fermentation Temperature: 67 F
IBU: 44.5
ABV: 4.1% (est.)
SRM: 4.1

Mash: Single infusion for 60 minutes at 154 F.
Boil: 60 minute


8lb French Pilsner
4lb White Wheat Malt
2lb Wheat, Flaked
1lb 8oz Munich Malt
12oz Acidulated Malt
8oz Oats, Flaked
8oz Rye, Flaked

Salts & Water

5.5g Calcium Chloride (all added directly to the kettle)
2.8g Gypsum (all added directly to the kettle)

As referenced above, this time I upped the acid malt to get to the proper mash pH, and then added these flavor adjustments directly to the boil kettle.  Given the batch size, I did a double batch sparge, with the second sparge using only distilled water to make sure I wasn't pulling the pH up too high.  I wanted to add a bit of lactic acid, but wasn't able to quickly find a good calculator to use online.

Resulting water profile (based on EZ Water Calculator v3) is as follows:

Mash pH (est.): 5.40
Calcium: 70
Magnesium: 12
Sodium: 7
Chloride: 59
Sulfate: 53

Chloride / Sulfate Ratio: 1.11 (Balanced)


2.0oz Citra (12.9 AAU), leaf, at 45 minutes
2.0oz Amarillo (6.9 AAU), leaf, at flameout
1.0oz Citra (12.9 AAU), leaf, at flameout
1.0oz Simcoe (12.4 AAU), leaf, at flameout


Whirlfloc (2) at 10 minutes
2 tsp. Wyeast Yeast Nutrient at 10 minutes


Wyeast 3725 Biere de Garde (x2)
Miscellaneous saison dreg blend
Crooked Stave dreg blend

I built up a starter from the Demeter Spectre cake starting two days before the brew.  It was a 1.5 L starter, and prior to pitching, I also added dregs from Crooked Stave Saison Vieille and Surette Provision Saison.  I did not decant the starter.  While I normally do, here I didn't have too much time, and given the volume of the cake that was being reused, the starter was quite thick even after going for a few hours without being shaken.


12.01.2013: After the boil, I chilled to 68* F and added 30 seconds of pure oxygen to two separate buckets, which will each serve to ferment half the batch.  I placed the buckets in the basement with the lids on loosely.

12.02.2013: Both buckets showing strong fermentations, with the internal temperature of each sitting right around 67* F.

12.08.2013: Most of the activity appears to have stopped and the beer is around 1.010.  After taking the sample, a fastened the seals on the lids of the buckets.

01.05.2014: Kegged into multiple batches.

After going on tap, one has a bit of diacetyl after being on for about a week; I think there's likely pedio in this blend, so maybe it kicked back up?  Taking it off tap and going to add lemon guavas and some additional Brett to see if it will take care of the diacetyl.

The other half was later also blended with some Citrine to create a second blend of Science & Art #1 to go on tap.

05.21.2014: Tasting notes for the 5-gallon portion that sat on 5 pounds of lemon guavas for two months.

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