Friday, February 17, 2012

Lost Abbey Veritas Series

Below is all the information I have collected to date regarding Lost Abbey's Veritas series. Big thanks to Beachbum1975 and his blog post (February 24, 2010) for much of the initial information I found regarding blends 001 through 008. Thanks to Beer Served Rare for the rumored bottle counts on 001 through 009 (minus 008). Information stated as coming from Tomme himself is based on what he relayed to a group of friends at the DC Lost Abbey tasting that he crashed. See the videos for that: Part one. Part two.

I will update this information as more becomes available. In the future, I'd like to find specific release dates for each release.

As an initial note, it's likely that each Veritas beer has more components than identified here. After the first blend, which has its components identified by actual percentages, it's likely that additional beers were used but have not been specifically identified by Tomme.

Veritas 001
. This is a blend comprised of 2003 Cuvee de Tomme (40%), Old Viscosity (20%), and Red Stone Black Raspberry Mead (20%). The remaining 20% is unclear.

Approximate release: February 2007

Rumored bottle count: 420

Veritas 002. This release is a blend of Avant Garde (barrel-aged and bug-infused versions) plus Black Raspberry Mead and Old Viscosity.

Approximate release: September 2007

Rumored bottle count: 420

Veritas 003 . This variant is a blend of Amazing Grace, Angel's Share, and Cuvee de Tomme. Tomme said that it had cherries and a little bit of Cuvee de Tomme.

Approximate release: January 2008

Rumored bottle count: 840

Veritas 004. The components of one of the most-heralded blends were Cuvee de Tomme, Duck Duck Gooze, and Yellow Bus. Tomme says this was "Yellow Bus light," and used the same peaches as Yellow Bus, but had a different base.

Approximate release: November 2008

Rumored bottle count: 840

Veritas 005. This blend utilized an undisclosed sour base aged in French Oak barrels with wild grapes from Southern California (Temecula). According to Beer News, this beer was once known as Vino Veritas, though this may have been a reference to what became Veritas 007. Tomme confirmed that this used California native wild grapes that are not suitable for wine.

Approximate release: November 2009. Never available as a release to the public.

Rumored bottle count: 72

Veritas 006. This is a blend of Angel's Share (aged on Cabernet Franc grapes) and Sangre del Cristo (Phunky Duck with sour cherries). Other rumored additions include a soured version of Avant Garde, raspberry mead, and tangerines. Tomme indicated that this was "sangria," with a blend of red wine barrel beer and orange zest.

Approximate release: November 2009

Rumored bottle count: 600

Veritas 007. This was rumored to be the famed collaboration Isabelle Proximus aged on Cabernet Franc grapes. Despite this speculation, it's more likely that the base beer was aged in Isabelle Proximus barrels. This was originally intended to be a re-brew of Veritas 005, with a more readily-available type of grape, though it didn't quite work out, and this ended up as Veritas 007 instead of a re-release of Veritas 005. Thanks to BA Masterski for the tip. Tomme confirmed that this was Cabernet Franc grapes with a sour base.

Approximate release: February 2010

Rumored bottle count: 600

Veritas 008. The most-controversial of the series, this is the winner of Lost Abbey's "T.E.A." competition, aka "Traditional Experimental Ale." The base beer was called Mellow Yellow, which itself is Lost Abbey's Port Amigo Mexican Lager aged in wine barrels. The blend then received lemon zest and tea. Tomme said this was a yellow base beer with black tea.

Approximate release: August 2010, as one of the aforementioned selections of "T.E.A." beers at a Lost Abbey event. The bottles were released at the Fourth Annual Barrel Party on November 13, 2010. Each of the 125 attendants received one bottle, and had the option to purchase one additional bottle.

Rumored bottle count: ~250.

Veritas 009. "Veritas 009 is a substantial departure from earlier members of The Lost Abbey’s small batch experimental program, which were generally sour beers aged in French oak barrels for 12 to 15 months. Begun in late 2007 as dark base beer, it was sent to freshly emptied bourbon barrels from Kentucky’s Heaven Hill Distilleries. The beer aged for 15 months before it was moved into French oak barrels previously used for wine (primarily Syrah). Sour cherries were added and the beer was left to rest for another year and three months. Finally, in mid-2010, it was pulled from the barrels, blended, bottled and sent off to condition for an additional 11 months." Description courtesy of The Lost Abbey. Tomme said this was a black base with sour cherries.

Release date: May 28, 2011

Rumored bottle count: 1404

Veritas 010. This beer is rumored to have some sort of relation to Lost Abbey's famed Yellow Bus, as 010 is also a wild ale with peaches. Tomme confirmed this was a yellow sour with yellow peaches. These are different peaches than the ones used in Yellow Bus and Veritas 004.

Release date: November 5, 2011

Rumored bottle count: 250-300

Veritas 011.  From RateBeer: "Veritas 011 is a Barleywine aged in McCall Cognac Barrels for 11 months. We added some fresh nectarines over the summer and hit it with a splash of Brett Clausenii.

It is not sour and may only develop a bit a fruity Brett qualities over time, so we aren’t expecting a full blown sour ale. ABV is 12.85%."

Veritas 012.  From RateBeer: "Veritas 012 will be a Kriek - blend of blond sours with cherries.
Similar profile to our 2011 Cable Car Kriek"

Veritas 013.  From RateBeer: "American Sour with Peaches and Nectarines The 13th edition of the Veritas series is an experiment using 3 separate strains of Brettanomyces, before honey, Peaches and Nectarines were added. The beer spent around 2 years total in French Oak barrels. Notes of fruits Peaches and Nectarines, oaky wood, brown sugar and Toasted Granola with Brett character throughout."

Multiple Appearances. This is a list of base beers and which Veritas variants they have appeared in:

Amazing Grace: 003
Angel's Share: 003, 006
Avant Garde: 002
Cuvee de Tomme: 001, 003, 004
Duck Duck Gooze: 004
Isabelle Proximus: 007
Mellow Yellow: 008
Old Viscosity: 001, 002
Red Stone Black Raspberry Mead: 001, 002
Sanre del Cristo: 006
Yellow Bus: 004

* Label image courtesy if The Lost Abbey.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Allagash Coolship

Allagash looks to be preparing another batch of Coolship Red. Rob Tod a few pictures today, including photos of unlabeled corked and caged bottles, as well as of the blending session.

Resting bottles:


Pictures via Rob Tod's Twitter feed.