Friday, December 30, 2016

Afterthought Brewing Company

I haven't been able to post much over the past few months as I've been working on opening up a commercial brewery -- Afterthought Brewing Company -- which will focus on saisons and other mixed-fermentation beers.  For a general guide to my thoughts on brewing and the types of beers that I like to produce, here's my post from early last year on the class of beers that can be loosely described as saisons.

The brewery will be quite small with batches coming in around 1.5 barrels with two brew sessions per month for a total of about 3 barrels being produced per month.  In the end, that's approximately 93 gallons per month, which translates to around 35 cases of 750mL bottles per month when accounting for waste and spillage.  A lot of the initial production will go into barrels, so the releases will slowly roll out over time.

Our final equipment delivery is later today, so we'll be ready to go as soon as we have TTB and Illinois approval, which will hopefully be this spring, meaning that bottled beer should be available for sale in late spring or at some point during the summer.  Below are a few very-early pictures of the space.  Follow our brewery's Facebook page for continued updates on progress, releases, and (hopefully) an eventual membership club.

Here's to a saison-heavy 2017!