Monday, June 16, 2014

Namur (Batch 03): Tasting Notes

Tasting notes for the clean portions of Batch 03 of Namur, which consisted of fermenting a single batch of wort with four different yeasts/blends: (1) Yeast Bay Wallonian Farmhouse, (2) Yeast Bay Saison Blend, (3) Yeast Bay Saison/Brettanomyces Blend, and (4) and East Coast Yeast Farmhouse Brett (Saison Blend).

Tasting notes (with dates of sampling) for the Wallonian Farmhouse and Yeast Blend are below.  I wante to give the YB Saison/Brettanomyces Blend and ECY Farmhouse Brett (Saison Blend) a bit more time before I finish tasting notes there, as I thought that ECY portion was a bit bland early on after bottling.  Hopefully that will develop a bit further.  The YB Brett portion was nice and fruity, and seemed to have a bit of tartness to go with the initial fruitiness.

Yeast Bay Wallonian Farmhouse

Yeast Bay Wallonian Farmhouse

Bright clear golden yellow with a fairly-thick fluffy white head.  Good retention and moderate lacing as it falls.

Nose starts out with ripe fruit and faint spice, though initially difficult to pinpoint any one thing in particular. A bit chalky.  Notes of mango and peach.  Perhaps the faintest touch of banana.  Faint tartness and a bit of earth into the flavor.  Quite dry; very crisp.  Touch of a backing grain with hints of lemon.

Overall, quite nice, especially given that this was fermented around 70*F.  I love the general characteristics of this yeast, and am really looking forward to pushing the temperature higher the next time I use it.  I can see this turning into a house yeast, and am quite curious to see how it'll do with some Brett C and Trois.

Yeast Bay Saison Blend

Bright and clear, more of a light orange color than the Wallonian.  Big white head and decent retention.

Nose has moderate fruit, more citrus notes than the tropical character in the Wallonian Farmhouse.  Perhaps an orange marmalade.  Mild grain and faint spicing.  Lots of fresh fruit.  Flavor is super light and crisp, with backing orange and just a touch of pepper.

Mouthfeel is very light, yet at the same time a bit creamy.  Might be a bit more glycerol coming out of one of the yeasts in this blend.

As with the Wallonian, I'm really impressed with this.  I'll definitely be going with this again, and am very curious to see how the blend evolves over a few batches, and also how it performs at higher temperatures.


  1. Hi!
    have you tried saison blend 1 in other batches after this one? What is your final opinion about this strain? which temps do you think are better?
    Thank you!

    1. I unfortunately have not tried this one again, but I really should try again! If I do, I'll certainly post the results!