Friday, June 10, 2016

Recipe: Demeter Auran (Fourth Edition) [Batch #101]

Continuing with the recipes, this is a batch of Demeter Auran (the fourth time I've brewed this beer), most of which ended up going into my 13.2-gallon oak barrel.  For the portion that I kegged, I didn't end up taking formal tasting notes on any of the batch, even though I would have liked to as half was dry-hopped with Citra and half was dry-hopped with Galaxy.

The recipe for the full batch is as follows:

Batch Number: 101
Brew Date: August 15, 2015
Bottle/Keg Date: See notes below.
Batch Size: 20 Gallon
OG: 1.037 (measured)
FG: 1.004 (measured)
Fermentation Temperature: 76-78*F.
IBU: 51.0 (modified Tinseth)
ABV: 4.2%
SRM: 3.0

Mash: Single infusion for 60 minutes at 154*F.
Boil: 60 minute


16.00 lb French Pilsner (53%)
9.00 lb Wheat, Flaked (30%)
3.00 lb Oats, Flaked (10%)
2.00 lb Acid Malt (7%)

Salts & Water

10.0g Calcium Chloride (all added directly to the kettle)
8.0g Calcium Sulfate (all added directly to the kettle)
11.0g Sodium Chloride (all added directly to the kettle)

Resulting water profile is as follows:

Mash pH (est.): 5.35
Calcium: 82
Magnesium: 12
Sodium: 50
Chloride: 125
Sulfate: 70


2.0oz Citra (13.0 AAU), leaf, at 60 minutes
8.0oz Citra (13.0 AAU), pellet, at flameout

5 gallons of the batch was dry-hopped with 2oz of Citra leaf, and another 5 gallons was dry-hopped with 2oz of Galaxy pellets.  The remaining 10 gallons went into the barrel after fermentation and did not receive any dry hops.


4 tsp. Wyeast Yeast Nutrient at 10 minutes
56g Orange Zest at flameout
20g Rose Hips at flameout


Fresh pack of Wyeast 3726 (Blaugies), 200ml of Wyeast 3726 slurry, and 200ml of Wyeast 3724 (Dupont) slurry.


08.16.2015: Pitched at 77*F 15 hours after cooling.  I pitched late as chiller only went down to 88*F. Temperature controller off for now.

08.17.2015 (8:00 AM) Temperature has been sitting between 76* and 78*F without any assistance. Water bath container seems to have a small leak.

09.07.2015: Transferred 5gal to keg with 2oz Citra leaf.

11.02.2015: FG is 1.004 and pH is 3.50. Dry hopped with 2oz of Galaxy pellets. Transferred with CO2 using stainless setup.

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